March 24, 2009

I am fairly sure that NATO stands for North Atlantic TREATY Organization. TREATY. Yet 10 years ago today, they began BOMBING in Serbia.  This BOMBING lasted 11 weeks. This BOMBING killed 2,500 civilians, including 89 children. That is not a TREATY, that is BOMBING. Maybe they should change their name to North Atlantic BOMBING Organization.


2 Responses to “NATO.”

  1. Osama said

    That’s because Serbia was committing a funny thing called genocide. They were killing thousands of civilians, simply because they were Muslims.

    Serbia is a country that has a long resume of killing people, whether it be Croats, Bosnians, or Albanians, NATO did not go out and bomb these people for no reason. Rather, they were actually defending a defenseless people who were being subjected to Holocaust-like (though on a much smaller scale) conditions.

  2. Sal said

    I was not saying this act of war was not justified, I’m just saying that NATO is a treaty organization.

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