Look Up.

January 6, 2009

Open your eyes and look up. Just because we can’t see all of the stars does not mean they no longer exist. They are hiding behind your ego. When a star is truly seen and appreciated the ego disappears. They remind us of our worldly insignificance. We are a people too caught up in our own petty affairs to think about anything other than ourselves. They say America has a great quality of life, this may be correct in the physical aspect, but mentally this couldn’t be further from the truth. What kind of life is one where all critical thought is cut out to create simplicity and an illusion of bliss? Where entertainment replaces wonder? Where feeling replaces consciousness? You are small, the universe is huge. If the earth were to disappear right now the universe would not skip a beat.

The ego may be apart from the universe but the soul is one with it. Look up, watch them shine, you are everything that star is but that star is everything you are not. To strive to be apart from it is in vain, but to strive to be one with it is foolish. Call me a fool.


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