Oil and Water.

December 17, 2008

American Society as a whole believes in the Anglo-Saxon way of following law. That is to follow it word for word, no exceptions. The government believes in the Roman way to follow law, with a broad interpretation of the law. The ability to do this is provided by the Necessary and Proper Clause, which states that the government may do whatever it feels is necessary and proper if it is absolutely necessary. The problems start when the collision of these ideas occurs. They mix just about as well as oil and water. The Anglo-Saxon interpretation of law is stern and acts as a firm foundation for any society on the social level. The Roman way of seeing the law supports the elitists,  like oil, they float to the top and stay there.  Unless emulsion miraculously occurs, government will never work.

This is doublethink coming up again. It’s the belief in two opposing ideas in order to control to individual. When it is realized that for a working government to exist, there must be one or the other, or a perfect balance of the two. As of now, the government is going Roman and leading us to believe they are still Anglo-Saxon, making us support both. 

Go read 1984.


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