How About I Try to Convert You, Then You Go to Hell?

December 5, 2008

If people need to “save” souls so badly, why don’t they stop spreading the word? From what I understand, Christian Evangelizers believe that if someone has never been exposed to Jesus, they are innocent. The innocence ends when Jesus is shoved in their face, and odds are the previously innocent people will not conform to Christianity, dooming them for all of eternity. I’m sensing something wrong here, sounds to me like there is a lot more condemning than saving going on here. These evangelizers obviously have neither been taught an ounce of  respect nor tolerance in their lives.

These religions teach that it is human nature to be evil, so don’t worry about that, just submit to the idea that a wise man from 2000 years ago is the son of god and if thats what you believe you are okay, but the only catch is you are required to make other people believe the same, and if they don’t you must condemn them to hell for all of eternity. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, Christianity in general is a highly respectable religion, especially when it is interpreted deeply with an open mind, but the respect ends when it is taken for exactly for what it is and then manipulated for the advancement of self. At this point I get sick to my stomach and eventually throw up my dinner. Later I start thinking about having a praying party with a Christian Rock Band headlining, but none of us pay attention because we are too busy repenting and trying to convert the Dog. (Yeah, I know DOG is GOD spelled backwards, obviously a sign from Jesus.)


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