I’m a Horse Person.

December 4, 2008

I love horses so much that I sit on them and make them run around!

Have you ever heard anything more idiotic than that? If one truly loves horses they would take every horse that is in captivity and set it free to roam the fields and plains of the earth, not use it as a slave for their personal pleasure. Sure, horses like to run, but not with you on them. So to all the “Horse People” out there, think about what you are doing. Ask yourself, does my ridiculously named horse like me on its back? And, Why do I call myself a “Horse Person”? Wouldn’t that make me a Centaur? (No disrespect to the Centaurs out there) Which name would be more appropriate? “Slave Driver” or “Hypocrite”? 

What I am trying to say is there is a difference between loving horses, and loving to ride them. To love a horse is to respect it in its natural setting, and to love to ride a horse is to take it from its habitat and adapt it to your own will.


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