Second Guesses.

December 30, 2008

“Did you hear that boom?”

“Are you suggesting you are deaf or insane?”

People are strange. Last I checked, our senses are pretty dependable. Has society gotten so bad that we need gratification of our own perceptions from others? Its an obvious yes.  I am fairly confident in my senses, yet I still ask for gratification. Its not because I need it, but because asking for it is a habit. Maybe its a subconscious self confidence problem or is it just to make conversation? For all I know, the act of second guessing oneself could have been invented for idiots like me to analyze. Maybe I should stop.


George Monbiot.

December 24, 2008

Please read.

Bob Dylan as we know, can sing and write. But did you know he can talk? Dylan always had a way with words while being interviewed. He believed that in order for an interview to be successful, he had to make the reporter feel as uncomfortable as possible. At one point in this example the reporter looks as if he is going to cry. Atta’ boy Bobby. 

Yes, I am aware that I am a part of this media he is so good at bashing. I am also aware that Eleven Magazine will have eleven interviews per issue, meaning that we could potentially be on the receiving end of such a tirade eleven times per publication. What does he accomplish by talking circles around reporters? To provoke thought and prevent interpretation. So why am I interpreting? Good Question. 

Oil and Water.

December 17, 2008

American Society as a whole believes in the Anglo-Saxon way of following law. That is to follow it word for word, no exceptions. The government believes in the Roman way to follow law, with a broad interpretation of the law. The ability to do this is provided by the Necessary and Proper Clause, which states that the government may do whatever it feels is necessary and proper if it is absolutely necessary. The problems start when the collision of these ideas occurs. They mix just about as well as oil and water. The Anglo-Saxon interpretation of law is stern and acts as a firm foundation for any society on the social level. The Roman way of seeing the law supports the elitists,  like oil, they float to the top and stay there.  Unless emulsion miraculously occurs, government will never work.

This is doublethink coming up again. It’s the belief in two opposing ideas in order to control to individual. When it is realized that for a working government to exist, there must be one or the other, or a perfect balance of the two. As of now, the government is going Roman and leading us to believe they are still Anglo-Saxon, making us support both. 

Go read 1984.


December 16, 2008

Abstract art should be invisible. A truly abstract work of art never leaves the mind of the artist. Once it is transferred to canvas, paper, marble, etc. it is no longer abstract. Its a concrete piece of artwork, just like Michelangelo’s Pieta or Degas’ Dancers in Pink.

From the Archives #2

December 11, 2008


Power is a craved luxury,

Desired by all,

Obtained by few.

 Into the wrong hands it falls,

Like a rock shattering a window,

Society cracks,






If people need to “save” souls so badly, why don’t they stop spreading the word? From what I understand, Christian Evangelizers believe that if someone has never been exposed to Jesus, they are innocent. The innocence ends when Jesus is shoved in their face, and odds are the previously innocent people will not conform to Christianity, dooming them for all of eternity. I’m sensing something wrong here, sounds to me like there is a lot more condemning than saving going on here. These evangelizers obviously have neither been taught an ounce of  respect nor tolerance in their lives.

These religions teach that it is human nature to be evil, so don’t worry about that, just submit to the idea that a wise man from 2000 years ago is the son of god and if thats what you believe you are okay, but the only catch is you are required to make other people believe the same, and if they don’t you must condemn them to hell for all of eternity. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, Christianity in general is a highly respectable religion, especially when it is interpreted deeply with an open mind, but the respect ends when it is taken for exactly for what it is and then manipulated for the advancement of self. At this point I get sick to my stomach and eventually throw up my dinner. Later I start thinking about having a praying party with a Christian Rock Band headlining, but none of us pay attention because we are too busy repenting and trying to convert the Dog. (Yeah, I know DOG is GOD spelled backwards, obviously a sign from Jesus.)

“Where can I find a shoe with enough support for my torn Upper Dorsimous?” I respond, “Uhhhhhh, hmmmm, Well the shoe department would be a start.” The customer nearly always lets out a little chuckle, thinking it was a joke, seeing we are already in the shoe department. Then they see that I am not laughing and realize that they have “One of Those” on their hands. “One of Those” meaning a worker, not a professional. “Well what brand is the best for what I am looking for?” I almost always respond with a “Well, old people like New Balance, younger people prefer Nike, and everything else is a toss up.” When they choose a brand I hadn’t named before I say ” Oh wow, feeling risky I see?” They again let out a chuckle and look up to see that I again am not laughing, I could not be more serious. It is not my duty to sell people shoes, it is my duty to make them think. 

To make them think about what they are doing. They are buying shoes. Some seem to feel deeply in their hearts that shoes are very important, yet they still need to come ask me about them. “If they are in the forefront of all things in this world that have importance, shouldn’t you know about them?” I think to myself. Then I go on to say “Personally, for support I go for the old fashion Converse, but for you I have something special.” With this phrase I raise my arm and point to the most overpriced Nike in the building. The almighty Nike Shocks.

“Those are the running shoes you read about, they have shocks, just like a car, so you know they are good.” They respond with a consumer-like “Ooooo, I need 10’s.” At this point I think to myself, “How many size 10’s?” They I imagine them responding with a “Two.” So I give them one pair to try on. As they slip them on, they make small talk about the school I go to, most of the time asking if I know their friend’s daughter’s boyfriend’s third cousin who graduated last year, I never do. Then I interrogate them on how the shoes fit. They ideally would respond with a swift “Oh my, these are glorious.” But reality always likes to take a turn for the worst, at least in a shoe store. “I forgot, I am a size 12.” by the time they try on the pair of 12’s, it doesn’t matter if they fit, they just want to leave. So they settle with the overpriced Nike’s and go on there way. Leaving me out in the cold, to repeat this ritual time and again.

I feel dirty.

I’m a Horse Person.

December 4, 2008

I love horses so much that I sit on them and make them run around!

Have you ever heard anything more idiotic than that? If one truly loves horses they would take every horse that is in captivity and set it free to roam the fields and plains of the earth, not use it as a slave for their personal pleasure. Sure, horses like to run, but not with you on them. So to all the “Horse People” out there, think about what you are doing. Ask yourself, does my ridiculously named horse like me on its back? And, Why do I call myself a “Horse Person”? Wouldn’t that make me a Centaur? (No disrespect to the Centaurs out there) Which name would be more appropriate? “Slave Driver” or “Hypocrite”? 

What I am trying to say is there is a difference between loving horses, and loving to ride them. To love a horse is to respect it in its natural setting, and to love to ride a horse is to take it from its habitat and adapt it to your own will.

Last time I performed this experiment I abstained from the internet PERIOD. Consequentially, I lost touch with the world. I do not want to lose touch with the world again. I will be abstaining from all forms of internet that serve as a distraction from important things, for example facebook.  Facebook is a networking tool that feeds one information constantly. Seems great, right? WRONG. It is addicting. Why is that? It is an escape from reality, an infinitely huge world where everyone picks their best attributes to broadcast to all of their “friends”. It’s all fake. So why do I keep mine? I believe the word for it is hypocrisy.

Well anyways, I will still be blogging. Goodnight.