What Are You So Sad About?

November 28, 2008

Your not being shot at. You were given everything you have ever wanted. Society has gone so far to create a portion of life called “adolescence” where you are expected to do everything wrong, so you can do whatever you like. Why are we sad? Because this materialistic lifestyle has never, and will never even slightly bring anyone happiness. All it does is bring suffering, in the form of desire. The desire for more of everything. The joy of nothing has been forgotten, and replaced with desire, the desire for something. This beautiful gap of nothing has been replaced with horrible things like television, video games, class A drugs, facebook, and other like-minded people who just hold you back. How do we break free from the shackles of material? Move to a small village on a remote Pacific Island? Strap yourself with a bomb and walk into a mall? NO! In science it is called mitosis, when the cell splits and creates a new cell. You must break away from your left brain tendencies, and become your true happy self. Leave the desire behind, forget about it. Be happy.


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