I’m Going to Have a Bath, I Suppose.

November 20, 2008

What’s wrong with taking a bath? I just took my first bath in 10 years and I can easily say it was the most rewarding experience of my life. I’m so taken back by the results, I am going to repeat this regularly. For one, I am clean. Very clean indeed. Secondly, I am relaxed. More relaxed than a Southerner on a humid sunday afternoon. Thirdly, it was something different. Something only influenced by my lack of a shower curtain. It’s sad that it takes an inconvenience to awaken the soul to something so dumbfounding, so ordinary that you never even thought to do it. Why doesn’t everyone take baths? Because there is no such thing as an express bath. A bath takes time, preferably as much as possible. People do not have time to relax, not because they are too busy to relax, it is because they think they are too busy to relax.

Think of all the time wasted rushing. That time could be used for something useful, like nothing, a bath, or a stroll into town. Relax, be merry, and remember that most things in life do not matter at all.


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