Loose Leaf Or Notebook?

November 19, 2008

I’ve always opted notebook over loose leaf because of the backup plan dotted lone included in case of emergency. But do I really need to jump straight to a backup plan? Wouldn’t that just make it a regular plan? Why can’t I buy loose leaf paper for use when I need paper to float about freely and a non-perforated notebooks for taking notes? Because thats too hard, paper is paper, right? Whatever works, works. No, it may work, but does it work correctly? Practicality is wrong, the easy and efficient way nourishes quantity over quality. 

A loose leaf sheet, given it has been unharmed by sharp objects and/or your golf shoes, is a perfect rectangular piece of stationery. Ideal for the writing of new ideas, the stealing of others ideas, or the bullshit I am about the write for Religion class. A non-perforated piece of parchment in a notebook is used for note taking and is prepared to stay in that notebook for all of eternity and more. By ripping this sheet out along the dotted line, you have become an immoral person and will die. But what if you rip it right in half? Well then it’s not a full piece of paper any longer, simply a parcel of what used to be a tree, making you a murderer.

As you can see, the easy way out offers no escape, either way, in the end you are fucked.


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