Visual Art Bands.

November 18, 2008

I’m going to start a band. A band of artists, you know the visual ones. I mean, if there can be a band of musicians, why not visual artists? We will be “playing” at venues anywhere between New York and London. (Thats right Atlantic Ocean, we hate you.) There will be a band of writers opening for us, mostly authors of encyclopedias and those “For Dummies” books. Hate us or love us, we’ll get a crowd, and if we are lucky they will throw their left over fruit at us, because after all, we are starving artists.


3 Responses to “Visual Art Bands.”

  1. Steven Campbell said

    I think Bassnectar does this. If I remember correctly, he has an artist paint a large painting while Bassnectar is DJ’ing. And then it’s displayed somewhere.

    So each concert is unique and has its own painting, which captures the mood of the gig.

  2. Steven Campbell said

    Correction: It’s not Bassnectar, it’s Sound Tribe Sector 9. They have two visual artists capture the show.

    STS9 + art makes more sense anyway.

  3. Sal said

    Interesting. Thank you, I will search this right now.

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