The Ever-Changing Hierarchy of Life.

November 17, 2008

Everyone has their chance to be on top in life, be it in preschool, the workplace, or backgammon. In preschool, he who thinks girls are icky the most and can run the fastest reigns supreme. In high school, usually the person who conforms to the idiocy of society the most defines “cool”. 

But what is so good about being on top? The desire to be on top is appetitive, once one reaches the top, the desire for more only grows stronger. But if one is on the top there is nothing else to strive for, making this a proverbial “double whammy”. Happiness couldn’t be further away. So what is there to strive for if this “success” is all in vain? For nothingness, for a life where the only thing taken is experience, for a oneness of the mind. So please, hop off the Gravy Train and beat your own path, you might see some interesting things along the way.


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