November 3, 2008

Do unicorns have faults? Yes, why wouldn’t they? I mean they walk the earth just like everyone else does. Say a unicorn was galloping full speed across a field listening to its iPod and accidently collides with you, stabbing a hole through your heart in the process. Then what happens? You die, and he is stuck with you on his head until he turns himself in for man slaughter. You see, this happens all the time, but we never hear about it. The mainstream media doesn’t want us to know the dangers of these exotic beasts of the African plains, mostly because we would never travel there if we knew how dangerous it was. 

What? You say the unicorn has a friend who is a Phoenix that will come an revive you with its tears? The mere existence of a Phoenix is ridiculous, don’t even suggest it’s tears can heal anything, except maybe your ignorance to the variety of animals in the world. How could you try to disprove the existence of a Unicorn? Haven’t you ever taken a Biology class? Just because you have never seen one doesn’t mean they are not there. Open your eyes for Jove’s sake, I mean really.


Thought Up with the help of Katherine McCann.


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