Shoes for the Sole. (Pun Intended)

November 3, 2008

Does one need shoes to have soul? Shoes, like humans when they stand alone, have a sole/soul.

Sole + Soul = More Soul? Not in all cases, it all depends on the type and purpose of the shoe. The soul of an object rests in its purpose. A knife’s soul dictates that it shall cut, a human’s soul is for the purpose of seeking happiness, the purpose of a shoe is to broadcast the amount of soul one has at any given time. For example, one who wears running shoes while they are not running, has little to no soul. Neither does a man who wears loafers during a marathon.

Let us break this down further, a canvas sneaker is the only type of footwear to be worn in every situation, given one is on dry land. Underwater, the flipper is ideal, but those can’t always be acquired. When one’s resources are diminished after the search for flippers, one may go barefoot. Does this mean they have no soul? No, the sole of the footwear worn in the wrong situation (most of the time) cancels out the soul of the human. Transforming them into a mindless mannequin, going through the motions but not feeling them.

Wearing shoes PERIOD is a risk to your salvation, so no shoes in all situations is the safest thing for the soul. One slight miscalculation in the type of footwear and to the River Styx you go. We are lucky Hades favors the canvas sneaker, because he realizes that since they have no support they technically have no sole, since the soul of a shoe dictates that it’s function is to support the foot. Meaning canvas sneakers are not shoes and don’t have a soul. By this logic, one wearing canvas sneakers, is not wearing shoes at all.


One Response to “Shoes for the Sole. (Pun Intended)”

  1. yintl said

    Nicely written, and with a funny touch as well.

    Fairly recently I read a segment of a book on non-verbal communication, which told that one can lie with any part of their body, except with their feet, which on itself is interesting enough.

    Shoes, however, are a whole different subject, though relevant. This entry made me wonder, what messages does one send off wearing certain kinds of shoes? Does me wearing hiking shoes all the time convey a particular message?

    I bet it does. And I haven’t even thought about it until now. What a world, what a world =)

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