Exciting people are not Exciting.

November 1, 2008

Are exciting people always exciting? I don’t think so, in order to be exciting, one must be dynamic. One who is exciting all the time, is not exciting, simply boring for the lack of anything different. A truly exciting person changes everyday. One day he will be jumping around and yelling, the next he will walk around aimlessly with a blank look on his face for a reason he does not know. 

It comes down to balance, one who is always quiet, or always screaming is stuck on an extreme. As we know extremes do nothing but harm us. Where one wants to sit is in the middle, on the median, where one can get a little of both whenever they feel necessary. It’s easy to indulge in one or the other, which is why most people can’t maintain an equilibrium. It takes work to be truly balanced, work usually left to be done later. But why later? There is no such thing as later, only the present.


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