In The Now.

October 28, 2008

What really exists? Well ideally, this very moment exists, what we see, hear, smell, feel, and taste exists indefinitely. And as far as we know existence is limited to the now. So what is the now? Is it what we perceive as now? Or what we feel as now? In actuality what we sense is in the past, though it may be milliseconds, its the past nonetheless. 

The now is not what is sensed as the present moment, it is what we feel as the now. The only now is the inner now; the only infinite Is. Everything external is the past, in which attachment can only begat desire and suffering.  For we regret what we should not, we see what is not, we love what will indefinitely bring harm to us, but why? Why do we need more and more? Because happiness is thought to be sought in the material, the external, rather than the now, the internal.


2 Responses to “In The Now.”

  1. Lily Hunter said

    You ask, “Why do we need more and more?” It is the ego which seeks more and more. We don’t “need” more and more. But the ego convinces us that we do. The problem is that the ego is an insatiable hunger that is never satisfied. Even when one believes he/she has obtained or achieved something he/she desired or wanted- something the ego convinced one to believe would make one happy – the satisfaction of the ego is short lived and thus moves on seeking “more” – and the desire, want and unhappiness continues. It is the ego that prevents one from living “in the now.”

    Good dog.

  2. Sal said

    bravo lily, I didn’t know you could type, or take part in philosophical conversations.

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