October 20, 2008

“For which feeds only the intellect entraps, while that which feeds the soul liberates.”-Ram Dass

School feeds us knowledge, not wisdom, thus entrapping us deeper into the affairs of the earth. So why do we go? Does it serve a real purpose, other than brainwashing? Of course. How could we acquire wisdom without knowing what being entrapped by knowledge is like? To know ignorance from experience, yet still walk the path of enlightenment. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know that without knowledge, we wouldn’t be in existence, I wouldn’t be able to formulate these sentences, and there wouldn’t be a computer in front of me. But I also know that knowledge is a stepping stone to wisdom. To attain wisdom is to break free of the shackles of knowledge, and those who remain in the shackles for eternity shall never be satisfied, for the desire of knowledge is appetitive. The more attained, the more desired. Not the path to happiness.


One Response to “Schooling.”

  1. Karina said

    “We’ll all die, go to heaven, and find better teachers.”

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