Poor, Poor Misled Souls.

October 19, 2008

Society is so disfigured and demented art is going along with it. Since when is taking pictures of yourself and editing them photography? Since NEVER. I am throughly disgusted. Art comes from the soul, not a fad. One cannot become an artist, one is an artist from birth. Ever since I adopted the ideas of the perverse optimist, what I do is mostly to make people cringe or make them second guess themselves. Art is to make people ask “Why?” and the artist’s response is “Why not?”

Oh Sal, what is your art form? First and foremost, I am a post-it artist. Secondly, a writer, as you know. Thirdly, a doodler. Doodling, in its raw form, is the true outlet of ones inner feelings. It’s putting the pen to paper with no reason but drawing. The impracticality of doodling is crippling to society, thats why I love it. But how can doodling be crippling to society? What kind of question is that? Its the visualization of free thought, and free thought is nothing but damaging to society. Not to mention all the ink thats used up doodling. That ink could be used by the government to issue death warrants to all promoters of peace around the world, so I am doing a service to world peace by using up all of their ink.

I propose a coup de’ état based on the scarcity of office supplies, this will kill two birds with one stone, the government and the corporations. So artists, lets get creating. Buy/steal all the office supplies one can get their hands on and MAKE THINGS.


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