Musings of a Caged Beast.

October 18, 2008

One would think, given we are for the most part clothed from birth, that a fashion sense would grow along with the body. For some, this is true, for others, it couldn’t be more false. And no, following the MTV trends does not count. Some say dressing nice is impractical, well it is. 

Impracticality’s importance is utmost in the evolution of culture. Do you think religion is practical? Wouldn’t killing your competition be more practical than actually competing with them? Does dancing do anything for you, other than being a means to “street cred”? I think not. To put it simply, if everything we did had a reason, we wouldn’t be human. 

To be human means to be yourself, to ask questions, to go against the grain, to do things just because. A lover of order and practicality is no human, simply a robot. A pawn in someone else’s game. Doing what one is told for the sake of simplicity is no excuse for empty-mindedness. 

(The only product of a post saved in drafts is an unfinished post)


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