Celebrating Columbus Day?

October 12, 2008

Is it possible without three large wooden ships and the greed of a monarch pushing me on? Yes. All one has to do is find someone or a group of people who have accomplished something great but haven’t made it known to the world, then steal it and popularize it as one’s own feat. Because as we all know the vikings made it to the Americas hundreds of years before Columbus, and the Natives thousands of years before them. (No, they did not come over the land bridge.) And Columbus, being the arrogant man of Genoa he was, took all the glory for himself. Or did he? He was just glorified and mythified by society. And at some point, probably around the 1970’s they decided to merge the story of the pilgrims and Columbus into a super myth. In elementary school I seriously thought Columbus sailed on the Mayflower with the pilgrims so they could eat turkey and lasagna with the natives. (Good Ole Catholic School)

Now this brings us  to our next holiday, Thanksgiving. I mean its good we join together in honor of giving thanks and thanking givers, but I don’t see anyone saying sorry for the annual genocide of Turkeys. They should at least say thank you for the delicious flesh, or even a high five for being good sports about it.


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