Oh wow, you have Haters?

October 31, 2008

What is a “hater”? I mean having them is a requirement to be “cool”. They are all the rage at high schools around the country. At first thought, a “hater” could be an article of clothing, or a electronic device that doesn’t only make calls, but also cleans your bathroom and does your homework. But after a bit of research, I found that a hater is an illusion, created by people who have an appetite for attention and/or to look stupid. These people are usually the ones at the reigns of their high school group, leading the followers into the cloudy abyss of ignorance provoked by conformity. They create the concept of a “hater” in order to feed their ego, the proverbial shoulder monkey. 

So please, next time you see someone that claims to have “haters” reprimand them.


Preston Brooks.

October 30, 2008

A man of integrity, a man of fortitude, and man with a temper. A man who beats fellow congressmen with a cain. Therefore, my car has legally changed his name to Preston Brooks. 

From the Archives.

October 30, 2008


Black sharpie,

So many uses,

Kinda like Duct Tape,

Nothing like Date Rape.


Oh, the smell says it all,

No difference if you’re big or small,

The temptation to eat it remains.

In The Now.

October 28, 2008

What really exists? Well ideally, this very moment exists, what we see, hear, smell, feel, and taste exists indefinitely. And as far as we know existence is limited to the now. So what is the now? Is it what we perceive as now? Or what we feel as now? In actuality what we sense is in the past, though it may be milliseconds, its the past nonetheless. 

The now is not what is sensed as the present moment, it is what we feel as the now. The only now is the inner now; the only infinite Is. Everything external is the past, in which attachment can only begat desire and suffering.  For we regret what we should not, we see what is not, we love what will indefinitely bring harm to us, but why? Why do we need more and more? Because happiness is thought to be sought in the material, the external, rather than the now, the internal.


October 24, 2008

What came first? The Loafer or the loafer? Because one who loafs, is by default, a loafer. And the shoe by the name of loafer was for the most part, built for loafing. But what does it mean to loaf? Is it the act of wearing loafers? Or do the Loafers get their name from their footwear? According to my dashboard dictionary, the noun loafer means:

1. A person who idles time away.

2. TRADEMARK a leather shoe shaped like a moccasin, with a low flat heel.

ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: Perhaps from German landlaufer ‘tramp,’ from Land ‘land’ + Laufen (dialect lofen) ‘to run’

Case in point, its unknown. They first list it as an idle person, second as the shoe, and third they throw in that its origin is to run. Do Loafers really run? No, not unless they are being chased, and even then they are no longer loafers because they have taken them off in order to run, thus taking the loafer, person and shoe, out of the equation. Making the word meaningless, given the former loafer is running. So by the transitive property of Duke Ellington, one who loafs is no longer a loafer given he is wearing loafers.

By that logic, anyone not wearing loafers has the potential to be a loafer given he is potentially loafing. Meaning a loafer, the shoe, has no effect on the person sporting them, given they are not loafing. And a Loafer, the person, can loaf no matter what kind of shoe he keeps on his feet. Making wearing loafers for the sake of loafing pointless. 

I rest my case.

I am from Barcelona.

October 23, 2008

It’s not the music that gets me, it’s that they are not from Barcelona. The band is comprised of 29 people from Sweden. GENIUS! This video accentuates their ability to collectively pull of the cardigan.


October 23, 2008

My first stop as a nomad will be Barcelona, Spain, for reasons I do not know. It’s not because I’ve heard good things about it, (I have) it’s not because I’ve am conversational in Spanish, it’s because I have no idea why.


October 20, 2008

“For which feeds only the intellect entraps, while that which feeds the soul liberates.”-Ram Dass

School feeds us knowledge, not wisdom, thus entrapping us deeper into the affairs of the earth. So why do we go? Does it serve a real purpose, other than brainwashing? Of course. How could we acquire wisdom without knowing what being entrapped by knowledge is like? To know ignorance from experience, yet still walk the path of enlightenment. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know that without knowledge, we wouldn’t be in existence, I wouldn’t be able to formulate these sentences, and there wouldn’t be a computer in front of me. But I also know that knowledge is a stepping stone to wisdom. To attain wisdom is to break free of the shackles of knowledge, and those who remain in the shackles for eternity shall never be satisfied, for the desire of knowledge is appetitive. The more attained, the more desired. Not the path to happiness.

Poor, Poor Misled Souls.

October 19, 2008

Society is so disfigured and demented art is going along with it. Since when is taking pictures of yourself and editing them photography? Since NEVER. I am throughly disgusted. Art comes from the soul, not a fad. One cannot become an artist, one is an artist from birth. Ever since I adopted the ideas of the perverse optimist, what I do is mostly to make people cringe or make them second guess themselves. Art is to make people ask “Why?” and the artist’s response is “Why not?”

Oh Sal, what is your art form? First and foremost, I am a post-it artist. Secondly, a writer, as you know. Thirdly, a doodler. Doodling, in its raw form, is the true outlet of ones inner feelings. It’s putting the pen to paper with no reason but drawing. The impracticality of doodling is crippling to society, thats why I love it. But how can doodling be crippling to society? What kind of question is that? Its the visualization of free thought, and free thought is nothing but damaging to society. Not to mention all the ink thats used up doodling. That ink could be used by the government to issue death warrants to all promoters of peace around the world, so I am doing a service to world peace by using up all of their ink.

I propose a coup de’ état based on the scarcity of office supplies, this will kill two birds with one stone, the government and the corporations. So artists, lets get creating. Buy/steal all the office supplies one can get their hands on and MAKE THINGS.

A bridge does not equal a tollbooth. Or does it? At what point does a toll booth become a bridge and vice versa. The only difference between them is in a tollbooth they steal your money. An easy pass makes a toll booth even closer to a bridge. What is a bridge anyway? Something one goes under? A large animal known to its ferocity? One sure can pass under one of those. Something used to cross over something? That would make my legs a bridge. And any airplane for that matter. 

Why do we define things by what they do rather than what they are? Because everything does something, not everything really exists.