Acceleration of Space-Time.

September 18, 2008

The course of history is not a straight line, its a circle, and it seems as time goes on it repeats itself faster and faster. For example, empires of old would last thousands of years in their prime and look at the USA now, 250 years and we are already on our downfall. This leads me to believe that time, like gravity, is influenced by an orbit of some sort. Maybe around the sun? Maybe around the moon? Maybe we live on a piece of gum stuck to someone’s shoe? It’s thought by many theoretical physicists that gravity is being leaked from other dimensions to ours, so why not time? We are just perceiving the effects of a 4th dimensional tether-ball accelerating around and towards its pole.

Mind you I have no training in Theoretical Physics, this is just a compilation of thoughts I remembered today.


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