ADD doesn’t Exist.

August 29, 2008

The philosophy behind ADD pills make me angry. Have you ever noticed that people diagnosed with the nonexistent disorder of ADD are very smart? Well thats because they process information much faster than the average person. So why slow them down? There is no reason for chill pills other than making everyone the same. Just because these children (and some adults) are different, some would go so far to say better; doctors, teachers, and even parents elect to drug their children. To alter their natural temperament and abilities to conform to the social norm. People disgust me.


2 Responses to “ADD doesn’t Exist.”

  1. Janae said

    Your paragraph made me giggle. Imagine running very very fast for a long long time. You’d get tired right? Imagine that you couldn’t stop running no matter how hard you tried, no matter how tired you are. You can’t see the scenery around you and you know you’re missing out on a LOT, every single day. You could try and slow it down to a jog, but it never seems to last for more than 5 minutes. Now imagine you are running in a mass of people who don’t know what running is. They walk and sometimes jog. Heck, they can even stop! Not you, you’re always running, exhausted. Now imagine that there was a magical brace on your legs that could slow you down temporarily. You get to enjoy the walk with other people, communicating effectively. You’re not in such a rush, you’re not alienated for running so fast. Yes, you get around quicker than everyone else, but lets face it, no one likes being alone.

    Society sets the walking pace, people with ADD want more than anything to be apart of that walk. Some find it easier to manage that pace with those magic braces, while several others don’t use them at all. It’s not about making everyone the same. It’s about being able to effectively learn, produce, communicate, walk and stop. Trying to tie your shoes while you’re running at light speed is nearly impossible for some and majorly overwhelming. Being able to stop and take care of a family, work, school, and relationships is the equivalent to trying to tie those shoes. Some figure it out better than others, some utilize those braces. No one is perfect 🙂

  2. Sal said

    But imagine the endurance dancing. Now thats impressive.

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