Right and Wrong.

August 26, 2008

I mean, why bother investigating? John McCain was in Vietnam, he’s always right. Watch Fox News! Shop at Wal-Mart! Drink Gasoline! Work for lower wages! Wave your flag! Kill the enemy! Submit! 

Thinking is a lost art in our fine country of America. It’s a sad truth we, the conscious few, must confront. People don’t care about right or wrong anymore, they only care who is right or wrong on no intellectual grounds.  So what if McCain was in Vietnam? If anything that makes him less credible and a murderer. (I’m sorry, but I’ve always seen soldiers as murderers, even as a child.) 

Face it, the elections are a sham. McCain or Obama there will be no difference whatsoever. They are just pawns in the game we call politics. (In actuality, totalitarianism) Money is king, human life has no worth in the eyes of “Babylon”. The constitution is meaningless. Fight the good fight, end the war, end the greed, end the stupidity. Ask questions! Vote Libertarian! (or Nader) (It’s not like our vote matters, but leave a lasting impression on these corporate pigs.)


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