Dreary Old England.

August 22, 2008

Sometimes I wonder what they feed dogs in England. I mean, there isn’t much difference between English human food and American Dog food. (In no way am I saying American people food is good.) Maybe fish and chips? Or do they wanna keep that for the people? (Don’t you just love stereotypes?)  Maybe the people don’t have any good food because they give it all to the dogs. That would make sense and Great Britain one of the most humane countries of the world.

Then I got to thinking, the term “human food” could mean two things. Food made for humans and/or food made of humans. (In England they are the same thing, See Sweeney Todd.)  For the simple-minded, that makes England a nation of Cannibals. So by the transitive property, English food and dog food are the same, meaning dogs are fed with humans.


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