Assumptions + Dairy = Blog

August 11, 2008

I have, in fact, been verbally assaulted by an old woman. For what, you ask?  Well her simple ignorance for anyone other than her brother.

So I was minding my own business talking with friends outside of Dairy Queen in the village of Westbrook, Connecticut. The old woman from the previous paragraph barges out the door after her mentally challenged brother, just looking for trouble. She says, “Excuse me sir!” and I look around confused looking for this mysterious “sir”. I am soon to find out that in fact this “sir” is actually me. “I know your from a wealthy area…” (assuming so because I was dressed rather spiffy) She yelps. I interject with a simple “I live in Middletown”. She goes on to tell me she lives in New Haven, along with her brother and that she was very angry with me. “Is it because I’m wearing my hat at the table?” I questioned, and she goes on to accuse me of looking down upon her brother. Yada yada yada and it ends with a disgruntled old woman walking away and a group of seven, very confused, teenagers.

I would like to add that I really, truly, at first thought her scolding was because of my hat. Also that I did not even look at the mentally challenged man until she started yelling. What got me was that her anger drove him, a mentally challenged man, (some of the happiest, care-free people of the world) to yell “Yeah! Bug Off!” at me just as angry as she was, and that is a true crime against humanity.


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