ADD doesn’t Exist.

August 29, 2008

The philosophy behind ADD pills make me angry. Have you ever noticed that people diagnosed with the nonexistent disorder of ADD are very smart? Well thats because they process information much faster than the average person. So why slow them down? There is no reason for chill pills other than making everyone the same. Just because these children (and some adults) are different, some would go so far to say better; doctors, teachers, and even parents elect to drug their children. To alter their natural temperament and abilities to conform to the social norm. People disgust me.



August 29, 2008

Once again I feel its time to address the problem of every physical and mental ailment known to man. The more groups I see supporting specific diseases, the more confused I get. Like I previously said about cancer, if one is a true advocate of trying to find a cure, one would support all diseases. Not only AIDS. Not only Heart Disease. Not only Breast Cancer. Not only Parkinson’s. But everything. 

Another issue I have with modern medicine is MEDICINE. Drugging up doesn’t do anything except make more problems. See new blog.


August 27, 2008

We have a tendency to separate things we think are different. Its how a hardware store works, if the screws and nails of all different sizes weren’t separated how could anyone find anything? Through hard work. So do we separate people by colors for ease? Ease of discrimination? I mean if we didn’t do it by color we would actually have to get to know someone to hate them. Too much work.

Existence is deciphered through experience. Do things exist without us perceiving them? We don’t know, we can only speculate. A tree makes no noise if it falls in the forest, given I am not standing there experiencing the sound. Also making everything outside of my room invisible right now. I am deaf to 99.99% of the noises on earth right now. So exactly how far do our senses take us? Do we have only 5 senses? Or an extra that we can not perceive? It’s all speculation, thats all that life is, speculation with an expiration date.

Right and Wrong.

August 26, 2008

I mean, why bother investigating? John McCain was in Vietnam, he’s always right. Watch Fox News! Shop at Wal-Mart! Drink Gasoline! Work for lower wages! Wave your flag! Kill the enemy! Submit! 

Thinking is a lost art in our fine country of America. It’s a sad truth we, the conscious few, must confront. People don’t care about right or wrong anymore, they only care who is right or wrong on no intellectual grounds.  So what if McCain was in Vietnam? If anything that makes him less credible and a murderer. (I’m sorry, but I’ve always seen soldiers as murderers, even as a child.) 

Face it, the elections are a sham. McCain or Obama there will be no difference whatsoever. They are just pawns in the game we call politics. (In actuality, totalitarianism) Money is king, human life has no worth in the eyes of “Babylon”. The constitution is meaningless. Fight the good fight, end the war, end the greed, end the stupidity. Ask questions! Vote Libertarian! (or Nader) (It’s not like our vote matters, but leave a lasting impression on these corporate pigs.)

Dreary Old England.

August 22, 2008

Sometimes I wonder what they feed dogs in England. I mean, there isn’t much difference between English human food and American Dog food. (In no way am I saying American people food is good.) Maybe fish and chips? Or do they wanna keep that for the people? (Don’t you just love stereotypes?)  Maybe the people don’t have any good food because they give it all to the dogs. That would make sense and Great Britain one of the most humane countries of the world.

Then I got to thinking, the term “human food” could mean two things. Food made for humans and/or food made of humans. (In England they are the same thing, See Sweeney Todd.)  For the simple-minded, that makes England a nation of Cannibals. So by the transitive property, English food and dog food are the same, meaning dogs are fed with humans.


August 21, 2008

Possibly the greatest music video ever made.

Carmensita By: Devendra Banhart

Idleness. Part 2.

August 21, 2008

I have come to realize a few things this summer. One is never to trust an automatic door. Another is always roll through stop signs when one is being followed by some form of authority. But most importantly that an occupied mind is an unproductive one. Ever since I started working I haven’t written a poem, something I did daily previous to being enslaved by Bob. And now that school is going to start I’ll be even more distracted from everything that truly is important to me. It’s not the school work I’m worried about, its the fact that I’m going to be booked solid, that means my only space out time will be during class, making my grades fall. So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, be idle during school to enhance my creativity so I do better in college or get good grades so I can get into college?

I’m going to find a happy medium, and maybe listen to some Bob Dylan in the process.

New Age Jesus.

August 18, 2008

I’m surprised Jesus hasn’t been commercialized yet. (Or has he?) I mean, he has got ahold of the majority of people in the US. Buying the rights to Jesus would be beneficial to wal-mart, home depot, or even the local porn shop (imagine all the new business). I picture him with a neutral politically correct skin color, wearing Jordans, eating Mcdonalds, rocking an Abercrombie shirt, drinking a Budlight, throwing up the deuces, while sitting in a La-Z-Boy recliner at the entrance of a combination Super Walmart/Home Depot, packing a bottle of cholesterol pills in his velvet robe pocket, with an M-16 over his shoulder, and a pile of dead, innocent, middle easterners next to him.

Now thats the Jesus people believe in, but are too afraid to admit it. I guess they do know what the meaning of hypocrisy is.

Don’t be so quick to judge. You haven’t been so nice to small countries either. Russia is doing the same thing you say you are doing, defending themselves. They say they were struck first, and they retaliated with an invasion. Sound familiar? Thought so. Maybe your just mad because they have an actual reason to invade and your reason is just speculation. (In reality, just a diversion) So please Uncle Sam, mind your own business, your not one to talk. On second thought, keep on going, apparently we need more reason for a revolution and your doing the trick fine sir. If you will excuse me I’m gonna go do something less insulting to Texans.

In Peace, Irate Citizen