On Differences. (or False Chauvinism)

July 24, 2008

What’s wrong with believing men and women are different? Men and women do things differently, perceive things differently, and act differently in general. That doesn’t mean one gender is more able than the other, it just means I am different, you are different, she is different, and he is different, and we don’t want to admit that.


2 Responses to “On Differences. (or False Chauvinism)”

  1. prometheustherebel said

    I think what many of us are trying to explain to the masses is that, as a culture, often we exaggerate one’s behavior and claim it’s because of their gender. And, a sort of binary look at gender expression really only serves to make people more classifiable and easier for ourselves while it leaves many who don’t fit those stereotypes alienated, waiting in the shadows.

  2. AlexM said

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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