July 9, 2008

Do we understand what freedom really is? I don’t think so. Freedom is the ability to do whatever one wants to at any time without limitations. We do not live in a free country. There are laws, some with good reason, more with no reason at all. Must we abide by unjust laws? No. Its called civil disobedience. In theory, if everyone disobeys the same law sooner or later the law won’t exist anymore. It worked for Gandhi.

Shall we boil this down some more? It seems like we want freedom for ourselves, but we still try to dictate each others actions. Hypocritical. It’s because we have nothing better to do, we don’t do much anymore, just take orders, talk about sports, and live in fear. That leaves us a lot of time burn, and in an unconscious society nothing to do means drinking and/or attempting to think which usually results in organized groups of people who think they are important but in actuality they couldn’t be further from it. (see Gun Control/Restricted Teen Driving Groups) Complainers. To people of your kind, I’d like to tell you what your laws do. Nothing. If we aren’t following the laws now, why would we follow them later?

I can go on and on but I have a job. (yes, I am a slave to the man, but at least I’m smart enough to know it.) 

So please, starting thinking. It really works, I swear.


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