2nd Amendment

July 7, 2008

I’m glad we have the right to arm bears. For millennia Bears have been fighting with teeth and claws, so barbaric, it’s a shame. Finally our owners had the decency to allow us to give bears an equal chance.  I’m sure bears won’t abuse the privilege, like all animals they have a certain amount of respect for others. Don’t believe me? Well, have you ever seen a bear shoot someone? Yeah, thought so.


2 Responses to “2nd Amendment”

  1. Rick said

    Just out of curosity do bears have civil liberties? Last I checked they don’t. So I seems a bit pointless to even make the comparison between humans and bears when it comes to a constitutional right, such as the right to BEAR arms( oh how very witty)! Its not the same- get over it. So you don’t like guns, we get it. Why don’t you make a difference and VOTE for someone who has your political views-make change there, not by blogging about arming bears.

  2. sja11391 said

    Actually, fine sir, I was making a joke. I have no problem with guns as long as people aren’t being shot with them.

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