No thank you sir, I like my gas expensive.

June 30, 2008

Why do we complain? Because we live in the age of the spoiled asshole.  The rest of the world has been paying more than we are now for decades. Afraid we might have to change our lifestyles? (Oh dear, not that word “change” again!) 

Change doesn’t happen in an unconscious society until something big attacks (godzilla and/or the US government) or the poisonous liquid we live on gets slightly more expensive.  This is the social stimulus we need for a change. Only good can come out of change, even if its bad, its progress.

A revolution has been brewing, people are starting to question the status quo, the subconscious desire for change is beginning to surface and overtake the left brain tendency to despise new and different things. This is Herbert Spencer’s Theory of Social Evolution in action.

No, all this talk of change does not make me an Obama supporter. Obama is an asshole, just like every one of us. 



One Response to “No thank you sir, I like my gas expensive.”

  1. emmalucy said

    brilliant, in one word.

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